Frequently Asked Questions

Here is FAQ of the web portal.

Is this website by Lowes?

No this is not official. I built this because I was sick of waiting for someone else to do it.

Is this safe?

Yes because when you log in with Iris By Lowes servers. I use the cookies that have been saved on your computer. No username or password info is passed.

How does it work?

The Iris By Lowes system uses web sockets and I have found out the protocol for it. For more info click click here

What is my login?

Username = Email address you used to sign up for Iris By Lowes. Password is the same password you use for the app (Not your passcode or pin)

I see an asterisk * in my device data

This happens when the portal gets updated data for a device.

My cameras images are not showing up.

This can be many things. 1.Your cameras have been offline for too long. 2.There has not been movement or recording in a 24-hour point.

How do I get device info?

Double click the

The portal doesn't seem to be working right.

The portal has been tested using Chrome. There are known problems with IE some of them can be fixed by using the "Check For Updates On Portal"

How do I change my Favorites ?

Use the Iris app and the changes will move over.

Hard Reboot vs Soft Reboot

A hard reboot is like you unplugging the power and removing the batteries. A soft reboot just restarts the software on the hub.